GIS for Disaster Risk Management

The course is divided in three topics Disaster Risk Management (DRM), GIS practices and Web 2.0, 3.0. This is a course held by University Jaume I and Bahir Dar University.  In this page you have the links to GIS material. The GIS section has the goal of introduce you to the basic concepts do you need to work properly with geographical data. You will learn how to visualize spatial data and manage it to get derived information and show the results using report maps tools. Recommended software for the practice is gvSIG. Here you have the lessons of the course.

  1. GIS Introduction
  2. Practice 1
  3. Practice 2
  4. Practice 3
  5. Practice 4
  6. CloudGIS

Enjoy it.

The course is part of a Cooperation for Development Project, more information about the project here.